The new Israeli vocal ensamble

The New Vocal Ensemble was founded in 1993 by its Musical Director, Yuval Ben Ozer, and within a short period established itself as the leading choral group in Israel. The Ensemble is made up of professional singers and has appeared in concert halls and festivals in Israel, Europe and the far East, winning the acclaim of audiences, critics and professional musicians alike.


It frequently joins forces with other music groups in a broad repertoire ranging from medieval times to modern, avant-guard music and records sound tracks for films. In 1996 it participated in the recording of a rare baroque composition by Alessandro Stradela, together with two of the great performers of early music: Anthony Rolly and Evelyn Tubb of the English Consort of Music. In 1999 the NVE presented the first performance of "Rabbi Amnon" by Ron Weidberg at the Israel Festival in Jerusalem.


The Ensemble frequently appears with the world's top-line conductors, amongst them: Frieder Bernius, Paul Hilliar, John Paul, Herman Max and others. The NIVE has won first prizes in international competitions for choirs in Malta (1998), in Toulussa , Spain (2000) and in Belgium (2001) and has also participated in festivals in Germany, France and Luxemburg. In June of 2002, the NIVE was invited to the Music Festival which took place in Korea , together with the World Cup tournament. In 2003 Nive appeared at the in Sardinia Music Festival and on November 2006 took part in Polyffolia festival, a world showcase and marketplace for choral singing in Normandie, France .


The permanent nucleus of singers is enlarged with additional singers when orchestral programs require so. The Ensemble has appeared with the Israeli Philharmonic in the performance of Paul Macartney's "Standing Stone" (?) and in concerts under the baton of Helmut Reeling of the Bach Academy Choir of Stuttgart. The manager of the Ensemble is Ziv Ben. Singer's Coordinator: Idith Biegel.

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