KeyNote is the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s program for Music Education and Community Outreach.  Over 20,000 children of all ages and adults take part yearly in a diverse collection of activities centered on Israel’s finest orchestra.


From kindergarten, through elementary and high school, and even into the Army, the orchestra reaches out to the young audience with intimate sessions in the classroom, specially designed school concerts, master classes. 


The program promotes tolerance and mutual respect, serving all of Israel’s citizens: Jewish, Christian and Muslim. KeyNote regularly reaches out to communities that previously had no exposure to the Orchestra. 


KeyNote is made possible through the generous support of the American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Foundation And with the help of Sophi Philip – Yuval Chinuch Ltd., Tel-Aviv-Jaffa municipality


KeyNote's founder and director: Irit Rub
Pedagogical Director: Dr. Dochy Lichtensztajn


Contact information:
Tel. 972-3-6211759
Fax. 972-3-6211723


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