Bronfman Auditorium Capital Campaign


The Capital Campaign to renovate the Bronfman Auditorium and to secure the future of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra


In August 2011, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the IPO’s Friends in the US launched a campaign to renovate the Mann Auditorium and secure the future of the Philharmonic Orchestra. With the completion of the renewal of the Charles Bronfman Cultural Center, the campaign continues to allow the Orchestra to deal with the challenges of the 21st century, to initiate innovative programs for the expansion of musical education and for the community, and to maintain its international standard.

We are constantly working to expand our family of friends to continue to support the orchestra and stand by it, and we invite you to contact us for information about the many possibilities to be part of our work.

We thank our friends in Israel, the United States, Europe and South America for their amazing generosity and support.

Thank you!

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