Subscription Series of the 85th Season

Tel Aviv

The Philharmonic's flagship series. 11 concerts – the best of our repertoire
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Saturday Classic
Saturday Classic A great way to end the week and start a new one
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Classic Eight
Just the format that you like: 8 concerts
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7 at 7:00
Seven concerts at a particularly convenient time: 7 pm.
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Friday at 2:00
6 concerts at an unconventional time: Fridays at 2 Begin your weekend in a relaxed atmosphere
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A series of 6 concerts, classical music at its best
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Light Classical
Light, beloved, well-known music
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Coffee and pastries; lecture and concert. Fridays at 11 a.m.
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The day: Thursday, the time: 10 pm. Beer & snacks on the house   The Concert
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The IPO for Kids
Five fun concerts with presenters and actors Ages 6–12
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