Sulamot Project

Music For Social Change

Established in 2010, Sulamot is a joint program between the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and Tel Aviv University. Sulamot, meaning both a ladder and a musical scale in Hebrew, is an innovative and inspiring music education program for at-risk children in Israel.


The learning process in Sulamot is based on the experience of playing in ensembles: group learning and practice, frequent performances, and consistent individual attention both in and outside of a group setting.


Sulamot focuses primarily on children in underprivileged communities with the fewest resources and the greatest needs. By establishing youth orchestras in disadvantaged areas throughout the country, we believe that Sulamot will help to inculcate values in children and develop their musical and social skills. The program also instills feelings of motivation, pride, belonging and hope in the families of the children.



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