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Mark Eliyahu and the Israel Philharmonic

26/07 Fri 14:00 Tel Aviv


14:00 | Fri
Tel Aviv

Charles Bronfman Auditorium, Tel AvivThe Lowy concert hall

approx 90 minutes, no intermission

204-444 nis

204-444 nis

approx 90 minutes, no intermission

International musician, Mark Eliyahu, inaugurates his new symphonic project in a premiere with the Israel Philharmonic.

Mark Eliyahu is embarking on a world tour, in which he will combine for the first time a full symphony orchestra with his ensemble of internationally acclaimed masters, performing his works in unique arrangements for orchestra.


Mark Eliyahu is an extraordinary composer and creator, a unique producer and an world renowned Kamenche master. He has produced four studio albums, and is one of the most frequently performed Israeli musicians in the world, with tens of millions of listeners on various platforms. He has won various prizes (ACUM, Ofir and the Israeli Academy TV Award for his soundtrack for Tehran). Eliyahu has been appearing for the past twenty years in major venues worldwide, and has gained many fans around the globe.


The combination of unique melodies and a symphony orchestra in his new show, together with an innovative and groundbreaking production, creates an captivating sound that fuses east and west, old and new and depths of emotion and a tribal festival.


Conductor: Guy Feder / Arrangements: Eugene Levitas

On stage – Peretz Eliyahu: Tar / Rony Iwryn: Percussion / Haim Weiss: Keyboard / Yankale Segal: Bass and guitars


Guy Feder

Guy Feder


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