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Backstage Events

Backstage Tours behaind the sences

See what musicians do before going on stage, understand the meaning of the conductor’s movements, and hear about a cellist’s experience receiving applause from 2,500 people.

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s Backstage Tour, under the personal guidance of two orchestra members, is an opportunity to get to know the musicians personally and take a behind the scenes peek before a concert. After the concert, you will be able to converse briefly with the musicians again.

Upcoming Backstage Tours will be announced shortly
To register for a free tour, call – *3766

Number of participants limited to 25; please register early.


Visit the IPO Archives 

Discover the history of the orchestra through a special visit to the IPO Archives!

Over eighty years of documents and photographs are stored in the IPO Archives: invitations to concerts, musical scores (for each instrument), and photographs of exciting moments in Israel and around the world. Countless stars of the music world, along with presidents, princes and luminaries, can be found here.

Dates for Archive visits will be announced shortly.

Read more about the IPO Archives here.



Open Rehearsals 

Watch the orchestra at work: the final rehearsals for some of our concerts are open occasionally to the public. You can watch the orchestra play, follow the conductor’s instructions and comments, and participate in a completely different concert experience.

For news about the next open rehearsal click here