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Beethoven Symphony no. 5

in a Jeans Concert

The Program

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    Piano Concerto no. 2

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    Symphony no. 5

Lahav Shani and the orchestra’s management are proud to give the stage to the young conductor Rotem Nir, who has been working with the orchestra for the past few years.
Nir will replace Maestro Christoph Eschenbach, who had to cancel his performances with the orchestra starting this coming Sunday, June 2nd, until June 8th, for personal reasons.
The concert program remains unchanged


Georgijs Osokins
(c) Yael Levi

Georgijs Osokins


Dedicate A Chair
Rotem Nir
rotem_nir 750X1000

Rotem Nir


Dedicate A Chair
Yair Nitzani

Yair Nitzani

presenter (jeans)

Dedicate A Chair

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