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Ticket Exchange

All of us face constraints and have to deal with sudden changes in our timetable.

The IPO’s ticket exchange policy is designed to provide maximum flexibility to subscribers.


Tickets submitted before a concert

Requests for a ticket exchange by subscribers who submit their tickets before the date of the original concert will be honored, with seats assigned two weeks prior to the requested concert. Tickets from prior seasons will also be honored. Subscribers should inform us of tickets not being used by telephone, fax, email or post. Subscribers should then call the subscription department two weeks before the requested concert in order to receive seats. Original tickets should be handed in at the box office upon receipt of the new tickets.


Important Information!

  1. Tickets that have already been exchanged and not used cannot be exchanged again.
  2. Subscribers of the IPO for Kids and Chamber Music Series may exchange tickets only within their series as per the terms listed below. Tickets from these series may be exchanged for tickets for our regular series with payment of the difference in price, subject to this regulation. No refunds will be made
  3. Subscription series tickets cannot be exchanged for special concerts (not included in subscription series).
  4. All ticket exchanges are solely subject to availability of seats. The IPO will make every effort to ensure optimal allocation of seats but cannot guarantee seats at the same price level. Requested tickets will be handed over at the box office solely upon submission of the original tickets. Tickets slated for exchange should be returned as soon as possible.


The IPO reserves the right to make changes to these regulations.


The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra makes every effort to ensure that concerts take place as scheduled. However, for reasons beyond our control, last minute changes of artists, programs, dates and venues may occur. For the latest news on last-minute changes, please consult our website which provides the most up-to-date information.


Want to receive updates via email? Send your email address to: info@ipo.co.il


Please Note:

  • During Daylight Savings Time, concerts begin on Saturday evenings and holidays at 21:00.
  • The box office opens one and a half hours before every concert.
  • Box office representatives handle requests for ticket exchanges and/or questions relating to other concerts until one hour prior to the start of a concert.